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In Japanese, Hentai (変 態 or へ ん た い?) Has the meaning of Strange Attitude, a behavior that is not common. Hentai is the abbreviation of the expression Hentai Seiyoku (変 態 性欲?) Which has the meaning of sexual perversion, which when used as slang, has the expression of a sexual act in extreme situations; in Japan, Hentai is also used as a reference to manga and anime that have a strong or abnormal sexual footprint. Nowadays there are 2 terms used for hentai, one Japanese, and the other American.

For the Japanese, the term hentai is used to refer to sexual material of bizarre, extreme or abnormal content, for example, a group of people raping a girl. Already for the Americans, Hentai is used to refer to any animation, manga or cartoon that has a type of sexual content, be it erotic or pornographic, light or extreme. The American term has become a genre for all kinds of illustrations about sex, and has become more popular than the term used by the Japanese, so many people use the term hentai nowadays to refer to any illustration that has some kind of sexual content.

Many people confuse hentai manga and anime with pornography, this is very common nowadays, since the term American hentai is better known, while others are unaware of the real meaning of a hentai. A manga or anime hentai is not pornography, but an erotic art, because they are actually a work of art, and have expressions of moral values and feelings, which is not perceived by many people.
There is a thesis that hentai is inspired by the forms of erotic art that have existed in Japan since the Edo Period, which occurred from 1600 to 1867. At that time, traditional engravings were common.

With the Meiji Restoration, Western culture was developed in the land of the rising sun, which at that time had great moral rejections to nudity before the public. Thus the shunga went into decline, but persisted to exist more hidden, by the pubic and male penises were forbidden, forcing the artists not to draw them. In 1986, Toshio Maeda began to design representations of sexual relations, through the creation of sex with tentacles, which became one of the characteristics of this genre in Japan. In 1991, the hair ban ceased to exist. Even today, the absence of hairs on bodies is a characteristic of hentai, but there are many works in which hairs are drawn because they are no longer prohibited.

In 1983, Nintendo launched the first eroges games for computers in the land of the rising sun. These games employed erotica, not real women, to circumvent the graphical limitations of computers of that period. The game market eroges, from there, reached a considerable size in countries of the east. In the late 1980s, hentai gained momentum. It is estimated that half the market is made up of erotic arts.

Most hentals share some common characteristics. The style of drawing can have variations as in normal manga, but it is almost a global hentai that pubic hair is not drawn, which reflects in a younger appearance to the characters. Generally, young characters are preferred. It is also common to make feints typical of japongas, such as bukkake (ejaculation in the face and body by several men) and women with body parts of animals, usually cats, known as nekomimi.

The global hentai can be divided into several subgenera, according to each theme of the relationships explored in the drawing. Many fans have their favorite subgenre that brings you the most pleasure and convenience, and some types of hentai can be considered more perverted than others. The hentai in pattern are heterosexual, but there are also homosexual versions, intercourse between women is used to yuri classification, since intercourse between men is used the yaoi classification.

• Bara (Mens' Love or ML, also called gei comi, for gay men) • Futanari (Hermaphrodites) - This presents girls with dicks that may have been acquired through any means, be it medical, technological or even supernatural, sometimes they are Hermaphrodites or Intersexuals. • Toddlercon (Boys and girls - babies or very young children) • Loli-con (Girls - children or teenagers) • Shota-con (Boys - children or adolescents) • Kemono (Animals) (in the West also known as Yiff) • Guro (grotesque, may involve violence and scat) • Netorare (寝 取 ら れ) (NTR) - It is a genre in which it has the great intention of causing a feeling of deep envy or anguish in the reader.

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Hentai translates your expressed desire into comics and cartoons. Your fantasies turn into stories and feed your imagination. The outcome is always their satisfaction with men, women, gays, lesbians, transvestites, transsexuals and even more covert fantasies such as sex with animals, sex with objects and sex alone.

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